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Charlotte Roller Derby is passionately committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. Our mission centers on creating a safe, empowering space where all members, officials, volunteers, fans, and the community at large feel welcomed and valued. We embrace diversity in all its forms, celebrating unique backgrounds, identities, and perspectives, while actively working to dismantle barriers and challenge systemic biases.

Together, we stand against prejudice and bigotry, shaping a welcoming space where everyone can participate, thrive, and find their sense of belonging.


Charlotte Roller Derby welcomes all trans women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, gender-expansive individuals, and women/women-identified athletes (regardless of their pronouns or gender presentation) who feel most comfortable playing women’s roller derby. 


Please see the WFTDA Gender Statement for more information


Charlotte Roller Derby recognizes and honors that our practices and games take place on the traditional territory of the Catawba Nation, stewards of the land for over 6,000 years. Acknowledging the incomplete history, we understand the impact of treaties in 1763 and 1840, leading to the need for genuine support and listening to Indigenous voices.


We commit to learning about this history, supporting Native communities, and standing in solidarity with land protectors. To address historical injustices, we advocate for policies that respect the Catawba Nation and support initiatives like Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby, promoting Indigenous sports and unity.



CLTRD DEI Statement


WFTDA Gender Statement


CLTRD Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Catawba Cultural Center


Catawba Indian Nation

Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby


Land Reparations and Indigenous Solidarity Toolkit

Metrolina Native American Association (MNAA)

MNAA is an NC State-Recognized Urban Indian Center Incorporated in 1976 by local Native Americans as a non-profit education advocacy group. The organization serves over 10,000 Native Americans in Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties. Since its inception, the organization has hosted an annual Pow Wow and Golf Tournament in September along with many other activities throughout the year. 


The Sumter Tribe Of Cheraw Indians


Map of NC Tribal & Urban Communities

South Carolina’s Native Communities


Native Land Digital

Native-led not-for-profit organization that maintains an app that helps map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages


Read about Dr. R. P. Stephen Davis’s contributions to the Catawba Project and Siouan Project

About NC Native Communities

by the UNC American Indian Center


Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women USA


Native Knowledge 360°

Explore indigenous history through the Educational Resources developed by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

CLTRD DEI Statement
DEI | CLTRD Gender Inclusivity Statemen
DEI | CLTRD Indigenous Land Acknowledgment
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